The FBBC simulation team provides a wide range of

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simulation learning activity, workshop or course.

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Curriculum Development

Our staff are available to provide assistance with instructional design and simulation learning activity development. To ensure that the integration of low, medium and high fidelity simulation will enhance learning within specific curricula, we are able to help you map learning objectives to the best type of simulator/s, the optimal use of the environment, and pre-briefing and de-briefing modalities.



Consultation services, specific to simulation learning in the health professions, are available through the FBBC. Our multi-professional team of clinical experts, educators and project managers are available to help with specific simulation learning activities within the University of Queensland, Greenslopes Private Hospital, government and non-government organisations, private industry and the broader academic community.


Help and support

Our simulation coordinators are available to support previously developed on-site and in-situ simulation learning activities. With extensive experience in the delivery of high- and low-fidelity simulation learning activities, de-briefing and role plays, we are available to help you with simulation coordination. Please contact us to discuss how we can help support your simulation learning activities.